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The church reopened in October 2019 after the most extensive restoration project following damage caused to the roof by two lead thefts. Work to repair the church took over six months to complete at a cost of more that £300,000. The work involved the total replacement of the roof to both the nave and chancel, together withmuch of the timber work. After discovering that the ceiling in the Nave was also damaged, the whole of the ceiling had to be stripped and replaced with four coats of plaster. The whole of the Chancel and the Nave walls have also been redecorated, whilst the scaffolding was still in place. Whilst funding for the decorating wasn't quite secure it was sensible and cost effective to carry out the work making use of the scaffolding whilst in place.


Following the tower repair in 2014 one of the support stones had crumbled away, that stone has now been replaced.  Permanent security alarms have been fitted. The alarms will be triggered if an intruder is detected and the police will be alerted. This system is designed to ignore accidental breaches by birds. bats etc.


The broken drainage walls have been rebuilt. The drainpipes being replaced with some new additions to improve the system. It's good to see the back of the old plastic pipes. 


Members of the PCC, The Vicar, Project Lead, Architect and Contractor celebrated the completion of the work before reopening the church for a wedding and Remembrance Day services. There was to be a Thanksgiving Service for the church restoration on October 27th but we realised that the Church would not be clean and ready in time. The Vicar had postponed this to February 23rd being the next availability date for the Archdeacon.